Monday, October 29, 2012


Okay, who turned down the heat. It feels like winter not fall. I know I really shouldn't be complaining, especially since I prefer cooler weather, but I just have to say "'s cold". Now that my "rant" about the weather is over, let me share with you some of the new items that will be arriving in the store soon. If you like Halloween, take a look at the new piece from Glendon Place. It's called All Hallow's Eve and is a play on the 12 Days of Christmas. Probably won't be able to have this done for this year (Halloween is in 2 days) but it's a great idea for next year.

From La-D-Da

Ode to Summer

From Val's Stuff

Cast a Little Spell

Old Man Winter

From Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread

Letters for Santa

Heaven & Earth Sing

Merry Yultide

From AAN

Christmas Meow

From Glendon Place

All Hallow's Eve

From The Victoria Sampler

      Christmas Chirpers                           Button-Up Birdies #7

Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage             Mini Purse Ornaments 
Joyeux Noel

From Heart in Hand

  Wee One- Holiday Hound                              Boom Boom           

From Sue Hillis Designs

Dreaming of Chocolate

From Barbara Ana

Cinnamon Christmas

Merry Since

O Christmas Tree

From Imaginating

Adore Him                                Mantel Mischief

Spirit of Christmas                          Tropical Christmas

Christmas Friends

From Pickle Barrel Designs

Home for the Holidays

From White Willow Stitching

Tribal Black Widow Spider


        Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Where has the time gone!

Wow, October is almost over. Christmas is just around the corner. I know this is true because my kids have already started making their lists. I am so not ready for Christmas yet...are you? Need some project ideas or just some inspiration? Look below to see some new items for the week.

From: Widgets & Wool Primitives

              My Little Garden                  Through the Eyes of a Child        

Special Mother                                Special Sister

From: From the Heart

Poinsettia Sampler Ornament

From: Priscilla's Pocket

   Who's in the Pumpkin Patch                      Sunflower Seeds         

From: Chessie & Me 

Autumn Sewing Book

From: Little House Needleworks

Gingerbread Cookie Ornament                       Holiday House

 From: Country Cottage Needleworks

Ornamental Joy

December Cottage

From: Heaven and Earth Designs

Trick or Treat

From: Whispered by the Wind

Wacky Tree Farm

Christmas Knot

Americana                                           Card Trick

From: SamSarah Design Studio

Witch's Pantry - Toe of Frog
This is #4 in a 6 part series.

The Flock - Star Bird
This is #9 in a 12 part series.

Fun Every Day: Perpetual Calender - March

From: Plum Street Samplers

Stranded Jacks

From: Island Cottage Needleworks

A Schoolgirl's Book of Needle Worke - October

From: Kelmscott

Pumpkin Scissors

Needle Minder - Hoot

From: Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread

J.M. Gardner 1888

From: Mirabilia

Sleeping Princess

From: Lila's Studio

Verses for Stitchers 1 & 2

From: New York Dreamer

Under the Mistletoe

From: Plum Pudding Needleart

One Fine Day

From: Poppy's Kreations

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

O Holy Night II

From: Scissor Tail Designs

Pumpkin Potpourri

From: Shakespeare's Peddler

Ann Womack 1838


Have a great week and Happy Stitching!