Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Monday morning!

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Good morning. It is Monday morning again and time to get back to work (ugh). So with that in mind, let me share with you some of the new designs that will be arriving in the shop very soon. Now with cold weather finally settling in, it's the perfect time to stay inside and stitch (at least that is my plan...when I'm not at work).


From Hands on Design
A new "block" featuring coffee (of which I could really use some) and a beautiful quilt square design done on canvas. 

Block Party: Java                        Follow My Heart
3rd in the Block Party series             a counted canvas design 

From Just Nan
Both the cube design and the pin are limited editions so if you would like to have either or both of these, please let the shop know soon. Once we place our order, we may not be able to reorder since quantities are limited. 

                          Pansy Ice Cube                       Sparkle Flake Pin    

From Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)
Two new designs in the "Bewitching Pixies Collection".  Both these designs are very nice but my favorite of the two is Minerva. The green dress is very striking and I like the owl sitting in the tree.  



From With Thy Needle & Thread
What a nice sentiment. I think this would make a nice Valentine gift (probably because of the soft colors that are used).

Blessings Be Thine

From Lizzie Kate (arriving in February)
Another wonderful group of designs from Lizzie Kate. The "Friends are Like Bras" just cracks me up. 

   Bras and Panties                                    Be Bold and Brave

Hello Spring Kit
Kit includes: 30ct. Lambswool linen, vintage-looking
finishing fabric, ribbon, 2 mother of pearl flower buttons
and complete finishing instructions.

A Little Baby Kit
Kit includes: 28ct. Lambswool linen and an antique
gold heart charm.

From Heart in Hand
It's all about love from Heart in Hand.

2016 Collector's Heart                           Love Never Fails   
The chart also includes 32ct.                                                                   
Antique Lambswool linen and                                                                   
  the mother of pearl button.                                                                       

From Little House Needleworks
"Sing to the Lord" is the second design in a new line called "These are my Sheep".  I really like these designs. Who knew I liked sheep?

Loving You

Sing to the Lord

From The Vickery Collection
It's never too early to start stitching for Christmas and it looks like it would take a while to get these guys stitched. 

Christmas Friends

From Stoney Creek

Flowers of the Month - February

From Bobbie G. Designs
This design is sooo cute.

Winter Friends


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Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

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Sorry, I was unable to post last week but things were a little crazy around here right after inventory and then the sale on Jan. 2nd. We are beginning to get back to normal now so as always, I want to share with you some new designs that will be arriving soon.


From The Victoria Sampler
Two beautiful new designs.

Peacock Sampler

Winter Cottage

From Pine Mountain Designs
I love both these patterns but as I sit here typing and freezing, the subject matter is not helping me to warm up any.

Winter Nights

January Snapshot

From Mill Hill
The new spring kits have been ordered and should arrive sometime this week. 

Buttons & Beads 2016 Spring Series

Cut Flowers                                       Garden   

    Joe's Garage                            Strawberries

Sand Dollar                                   Starfish  

2016 Spring Bouquet Collection

Sea Turtle                            Fireflies

  Ladybug Egg                   Dragonfly Egg

  Fishing Vest                                Fancy Fish

From Blackbird Designs  
Another beautiful design in the Garden Club series. This is one series that I might actually want to do (well, maybe "collect" is a better word).  

Sweet Home
#4 in the Garden Club series

From CM Designs
I think this piece would look stunning on a box and since this is "Summer", I bet she will design labyrinth patterns for the other seasons. 

The Garden Labyrinth (Summer)

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