Monday, June 24, 2019

On the way...

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am but is it too early to be wishing for fall? Ok, if it can't be fall yet, how about another vacation? I could go for another one. Well, since I do not foresee that happening, I will share some wonderful new designs that will be arriving soon. Everyone needs a new project. Don't they?

From Imaginating
Great new designs for fall/Halloween. Love the Halloween ones.

Give Thanks Floral                 Ride the Broom  

Happy Halloween Quintet

Tic Tac Halloween

From Shakespeare's Peddler
A beautiful reproduction sampler.

Caroline Sayer 1834

From Country Cottage Needleworks
The final design in the Glitter Village series.

Glitter House 9

From Bobbie G Designs
How fun...flying school.

Gertrude's Flying School

From Tralala
A lovely patriotic piece.


From Stoney Creek
A patriotic Home Sweet Home. 

USA Home Sweet Home

From Rosie & Me Creations
Two fun designs. I have several friends that I would like to do "Life's Path" for. I really like that saying. 

                   Life's Path                                               Stitcher's Count

From Pickle Barrel Designs
"Camp Stitchalot" sounds like fun. Let's go!

     Land That I Love                Camp Stitchalot

From Just Cross Stitch
Now taking pre-orders for the 2019 Christmas Ornament issue. It will be releasing sometime in September.

2019 Special Holiday Issue



Monday, June 17, 2019

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I'm back from vacation. My family and I had a nice week off. We spent some time in the NC mountains and also in Charleston, SC. The mountains and the beach all in one was great. I was not ready to come back but I couldn't afford to stay away any longer. 

There is quite a bit to share so let's get started. 

From Mill Hill
A series of patriotic kits. Each kit includes: beads, 14ct. Antique White Aida, floss, needles, chart and instructions. 
Patriotic Quartet

   Land of the Free                       Home of the Brave

    Life, Liberty                                 Stars & Stripes 

From Mirabilia
A stunning woodland Goddess. Looks like I will be adding another design to my Nora stash.

Cathedral Woods Goddess

From Jeannette Douglas Designs
Three gorgeous designs from Jeannette. Carol is working on the Sew Together Series. She better get hopping since two more designs are ready. 

Blooming Bouquets #1 - Thankful

Sew Together #3                          Sew Together #4

From Heartstring Samplery
The border is stunning. You can pick the "motto" that goes inside. The one shown says "All I'm saying is that you've never seen me crying and eating tacos at the same time".  The other included saying is a quote from Maya Angelou "The desire to reach the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise".

The Choose-Your-Own Motto Sampler

From Hands on Design
"Give With My Heart" includes the woolfelt for the heart and leaves, as well as, the pre-cut flowers, hand dyed buttons and a charm. A cross stitch version of the heart and flowers border is also included. 

Give With My Heart                       Safe Harbour     

From Summer House Stitche Workes
Two more designs in the Fragments in Time series.

 2019 Fragments in Time #5         2019 Fragments in Time #6
Meeting House                                    Herb Garden

From Waxing Moon Designs
What fun Halloween designs. Another must for my stash.

Witches' Brew Pub

From Mani Di Donna
More fun Halloween designs. Wouldn't they look good on either a green or purple fabric?

Halloween in the Air Pillows

From Stoney Creek
The design says "Like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain the same." 

Family Roots

From Annie Beez Folk Art
What a sweet cow.

Farm Sweet Farm

From Teresa Kogut
These are all lovely designs but "Work of Heart" is by far my favorite. 

One Day at a Time                         Peaceful Snow  

Work of Heart

From Heart in Hand
Two new "Merry Making Minis". These are great quick to stitch designs.

Merry Making Mini
   Land of the Free                        Home of the Brave 




Monday, June 3, 2019

Happy June!

Well, it's June and for me that means two things: 1) school is almost over and 2) it's summer. Today is my sons last full day of 8th grade. I can't believe that he will be entering high school in the fall. Time sure is going by very fast. 

Just a quick note, there will not be a blog post next week. I will be on VACATION. (Yayyyyy!)

Due to the holiday last week (and no blog post), there is a lot to catch up on so let's get started. There are some really cute designs on the way!

From Mill Hill
Three new kit sets. The South American Santa's travel with their beloved animal companions. The Snow Globe Ornaments are reminders of Christmas' past and are adorned with a special charm. The Advent Trilogy contains three sets for a total of 26 ornaments. If you use them as an Advent Calendar, 24 can be displayed for the 24 days of Advent with the remaining two (baby Jesus and the nativity) added Christmas Day.

South American Santa's

 Amazon Santa                           Andes Santa 

Pampas Santa

Snow Globe Charmed Ornaments

               Angel Globe                 Gingerbread House Globe

  Santa Globe                                Snowman Globe

       Toy Shop Globe                 Christmas Tree Globe

Advent Trilogy

 Advent - Set 1                             Advent - Set 2

Advent - Set 3

From The Blue Flower
These two designs are the first designs in a new "landscape drum" series and will be releasing in mid June. Each drum will feature little snapshots of scenery.

Alpaca Farm

Summer Quilts

From Cottage Garden Samplings
Another beautiful addition to the Songbird Garden Series. Only 2 designs left in the series.

Songbird's Garden #10 - Sing for Joy

From Little House Needleworks
A very patriotic piece and great way to remember those who marched and protested so that women could vote.

Suffrage Act

From Country Cottage Needleworks
Another glittering house and a lovely patriotic piece.

Glitter House #8                           My Country 

From Imaginating
A very spooky snow globe. I especially love the base.

Let's Be Magical

From Stoney Creek
My favorite design in this group is the Patriotic Banner. A must for my stash!

                  The Star               Towels of the Month - June

Patriotic Banner              Beach Bounty  

From Twin Peak Primitives
Great primitive designs. The D0's and D0nt's are too cute.

Stitcher's Friendship

    Do's and Dont's                      Towards the North

From Shannon Christine
Quite a few new designs. I love the pumpkins and the moon princess. 

  Pumpkin Truck                        Pumpkin House 

Pumpkin Patch

All three designs stitched together

Gingerbread House #1     Gingerbread House #2

Gingerbread House #3

All houses stitched together

Blue Bird                                 Jolly Santa

Moon Princess                            Unicorn          

From Tempting Tangles
Two very fun pieces and one a little bit scary. 

  Sizzlin' Summertime                North Pole Welcome

Spider & the Fly


Have a great couple of weeks.

Back after vacation!