Monday, February 24, 2014

Back from Market



View of my driveway the day before Nashville

Despite the snow and ice, Peggy & Carol were able to attend the Nashville Needlework Market. They brought back lots of wonderful "goodies".  We now have them in the shop and on the web. Take a look at our "What's New" section on the web site and see for yourself. They did a great job shopping and had a fun time as well.

Below are some new designs that we did not get at Nashville and will be arriving in the shop very soon. Take a look......

From SamSarah Design Studio
A whimsical new design in the Ten X the Fun series. What fun looking carrots.
Ten X the Fun - Easter Bunny's Carrot Farm
From Country Cottage Needleworks
This is my favorite in the series so far. The squirrel with the acorns is so cute.
Frosty Forest #4 - Snowy Friends
From Little House Needleworks
Look at how the "cowgirl" is framed. Absolutely perfect.
Calendar Girls #3 - March

Cowgirl Country - The Tumbleweed Series
From X's and Oh's
The "Best Friends" pattern is beautiful. It looks like a painting.
Best Friends
God's Garden
From Imaginating
Great for grandparents. I would love to stitch these for my in-laws.
Let's go to Grandma's                 Let's visit Grandpa   
From Sue Hillis Designs
Great new seasonal designs from Sue but the "Peeps" is my favorite.
       Christmas Sock Hop             Hangin' with my Peeps
The Vickery Collection
A beautiful bird collection.
Winter Birds                        Spring Birds  

  Summer Birds                           Fall birds        
From Waxing Moon Designs
This pretty much sums up winter.
Winter Things

Have a great week and think SPRING!

Monday, February 10, 2014

You guessed it......even more sneak peeks!

Here are some more "peeks" at new designs releasing in Nashville. Remember, if you see something that you just can't live without, let the shop know by Thursday so Peggy can add it to her shopping list and bring it back for you.

From Mill Hill
New Debbie Mum Kits
Frank Snowbell               Flurry Snowbell 

Freezy Snowbell

Jangle Snowbell               Jingle Snowbell
From Long Dog Designs
Count Your Blessings
From The Nebby Needle
Amazing Grace

  On a Hillside                                   Old Town Sampler
From Little House Needleworks
March Calendar Girl
From Praiseworthy Stitches
These are pictures of her LIMITED EDITION KITS!
There are only so many available,
so please let us know if you would like one.
Snow Crystal Huswif

Snow Crystal Scissor Fob
A perfect companion to the Snow Crystal Huswif

Halloween Frights Treat Box

Posey Pyn Minder
This is a tiny pincushion mounted on a magnetic frame.
Also available in a pink frame.
Erica Michaels will have
6 new designs
  * 4 Seasons - Spring
* Books & Friends
    * Olde Irish Blessing
*The Psalms          
     * Standard of Grace 
    * Out of Many, One
Glendon Place will have
the final 3 designs in the
A-Mazing Desserts Collection
       * Fudgy Mint Mousse
* Red Velvet Cake
 * Rainbow Parfait
Now in the shop!!!
From The Sweetheart Tree
Keep Calm & Freak Out                     Itty Bitty Kitty -  
                                                             Irish Pot of Gold

Wine Bottle Grapes Fob                      Grapes on the Vine  

Pinecones in Winter Fob

Pinecones in Winter Biscornu

My Little Tooth Fairy Pillow
Have a great week , stay warm and stitch!

Friday, February 7, 2014

More "sneak peeks"!!!

Here are some more "sneak peeks" that will be showing at the Nashville Needlework Market. Remember, if you see something that you would like to have, please let the shop know. Peggy will put it on her shopping list and bring it back for you.

From Needle Bling Designs
Family Blessing                               Your Story     

Favorite Hello
From Summer House Stitch Workes
A Bee in Your Bonnet                                 Sakura                

Love Is...
This is a LIMITED EDITION kit.
Please be sure to let us know if you would like this kit.
It will probably sell out quickly.
From Nikyscreations
Animal of the Month Series:
January Cat                   February Swan                March Bird
House of Stitching             House of Quilting             Spring Sampler     

Bunny Ruler
This is a LIMITED EDITION kit.
Again, let the shop know if you would like this kit because
it will probably sell out quickly.
From The Stitching Bear
Coffee & Wine

Snowflake Kisses
From Olde Colonial Designs
Needles Bind (kit)
From SamSarah Design Studio
Two designs in one...a "nice" and a "not so nice" thought.

Hearts Blossomed

Carrot Stix                             When Pigs Fly
From Rosewood Manor
Autumn Quaker

Green on Green
From Elizabeth's Designs
Antique Bee Sampler

Lost Sheep Sampler

Hugs, Love & Ladybugs

P is for Pears                               Q is for Quilting 
From Samplers Revisited
Jane Clarkson 1856

Judith Le Lacheur 1836
 From Sue Hillis Designs
Words of Wisdom from a Snowman
Wait...there's still more!
I'll post another patch of "goodies" on Monday
Have a great week!!