Monday, September 25, 2017

Christmas is Coming!

Wow, Christmas is only 3 months away. It will be here before we know it. Where did the summer go? Now fall is here (if only the temps would realize this), and before long, I'll have to rake leaves (ughhh). Oh well, it is good exercise and I definitely need to do more of that.

Need a new fall project?  Take a look at some of the new designs that will be arriving in the shop soon.

From Country Cottage Needleworks
A very lovely fall sampler and the 6th design in the Main Street series. 

Happy Fall Ya'll                                    Main Street Dress Shop

From Little House Needleworks
A beautiful piece featuring the Beatitudes. Also, another Early American...Abigail Adams. Now there are only 2 Americans left and that series will be finished.

Early Americans - Abigail Adams                   Beatitudes                    

From Elizabeth's Designs
I like both of these designs. I think the "Harvest Time" design would make a nice small pillow. I should add it to my very long project list. 

Antique Christmas Sampler                       Harvest Time           

From Heart in Hand 
Very cheerful. Love the snowmen amongst the colored trees. 

Christmas Cheer 3   

From Homespun Elegance
Two wonderful new designs from Sandra.

      Autumn Pear So Fair                   Family Friends Faith Sampler              

From Needlework Press
The 2018 calendar features: vintage art and wise words. Reserve yours now.

Book of Days 2018


From Summer House Stitche Workes   
This is the third and final installment of the Home.Hive.Nest series.   


From Lizzie Kate
Tis the season to be merry with this group of designs.

                 Dear Santa                     Celebrate with Charm - Merry

Nutcracker Sleds                               Stocking Sleds

Spirit of Christmas
Mystery Sampler Part 2

From With Thy Needle & Thread
The final lesson in the Summer Schoolhouse series. It also includes two bonus designs.

Summer Schoolhouse Lesson #4

Bonus Designs 
Miss Polly's Hornbook & Strawberry Emery

From Erica Michaels
This wonderful berry features great autumn motifs like a squirrel, autumn leaves and an acorn. 
Fall Bounty Berry (Linen Berry collection)

From The Victoria Sampler
What a fun Christmas tree. It is stitched on green fabric so really all you have to do is trim it. 

 Gingerbread Retreat Cottage         Village Christmas Tree


Monday, September 18, 2017

On the way....

It's my favorite time of the season! Yes, I am a football fanatic. I enjoy watching both college and professional games.  The best part about watching the games is the amount of stitching I can get done while doing it. I almost finished a project yesterday. I only have a little bit of back stitching left to do. I hope to finish it today. YAY! 

New designs are on the way...take a look!

From Nora Corbett
These two beauties are part of a new collection from Nora called the "Butterfly Misses Collection". 

       Miss Solar Ellipse                           Miss Lole's Daggerwing

From Kit & Bixby
Look! The black cats have found a haunted house to play in.  

House on Haunted Hill

From Shepherd's Bush
What a spooky little Halloween Sampler. I love the ghosts who just happen to be hanging around.
Spooky Notes

From Bobbie G. Designs
This a just a beautiful piece. The poinsettias are lovely and for me, the saying is perfect.

Love Was Born in a Manger

From Lila's Studio
What can I say but simply "spooktacular"!

Quaker Halloween

From Stoney Creek
A great collection of Halloween ornaments. You could fill a small tree with all of these. How cute would that be?

 Halloween Ornaments IV      Halloween Ornaments V

 Halloween Ornaments VI      Halloween Ornaments VII

Lighthouse of the Month - September

Welcome My Pretties    Scarecrow Halloween

From Threadwork Primitives
I really like the finishing on this piece.

Primitive Crow

From Samsarah Design Studio
Two fun designs from Samsarah. 

     Back to Jack                                       Let's Bee Friends                 

From Tiny Modernist
This is the border for the Christmas Stitch a Long. There will be 3 more parts that will fit into the border to make one cute Christmas design. The other parts will release in October and November.
Christmas Stitch a Long - Border

From Annie Beez Folk Art
Houses and quilts..oh my. 

   Quilty Neighborhood                           Bittersweet         

From Dames of the Needle
That is one big smile the moon has. Very nice Halloween silhouette design. 
To the Moon                     Eliza Ann North

Have a great week!

Monday, September 11, 2017


Today is September 11, 2017. It has been 16 years since the terrorist attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon. A day no one will ever forget (I know I never will). As we remember those who died that day, we must also remember and support those who are now dealing with the aftermath from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. My heart goes out to anyone who was affected by either of these storms.

Since I did not blog last week (sorry), there is quite a bit to share. I will post some of the new designs on the blog today but please check the "what's new" section on our website to see even more "coming soon" designs. I will be adding new items throughout the week so check it often.

From Silver Creek Samplers
Two new designs to get us ready for the winter/Christmas season. Love the dress of leaves.

   My Christmas List                            Olivia Ochreleiph     

From Lucy Bean
This would make a nice Halloween pillow.

Vlad's House

From The Nebby Needle
I love both of these Halloween designs. The witch riding her broom is awesome. Kinda looks like me.  Haha

                   Halloween Cat                      Witching Time of Night 

From The Drawn Thread
All three of these designs are great but I love, love, love the "Deck the Halls". Can't wait to start that one!

Welcome Halloween

          Welcome Christmas                                  Deck the Halls

From MarNic Designs
What beautiful butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly Welcome

From The Vickery Collection
Start this design now and have ready for the spring. Love the vibrant egg colors. Very pretty!

Spring Eggs

From My Big Toe
The sayings on these designs are just wonderful. My favorite is "Let Us Be Thankful". Definitely going to put this one in my stash. Haven't a clue when I'll get it started.

Let Us Be Thankful

To Everything There is a Season

I Will Not Forget Thy Word

From Mill Hill
A wonderful new series of kits. These ornament kits contain 2 designs per kit. They are designed so that any two designs can be stitched back to back. How cool is that!

       First Christmas                     Home for Christmas

Let it Snow Man                         Peace on Earth

       Tis the Season                             Merry Christmas Tree

From Stacy Nash Primitives
Another wonderful group of primitive designs from Stacy Nash. The black pumpkins are great. Super creepy!

       Toil & Trouble Pinkeep        Jack of the Lantern Sewing Basket
                                                          & Treat Bag

       Boo Sewing Basket                Seek Goodness Pinkeep 
                                                               Drum & Strawberry Emery 


Have a great week.