Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer is coming...

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Wow, next Monday is Memorial Day. Where did the Spring go? Summer is just around the corner but for me it will be starting this week since the last day of school for my kids is Wednesday. Let the sleeping in begin (for them anyway...I'll still be getting up at 6:00).

Just a reminder... the shop will be CLOSED on Monday May 30th for Memorial Day and I will not be posting another blog until June 6 (sorry). I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. I will be traveling (ughhhh). 

Here are some new designs and accessories that will be arriving in the shop soon. 


From Imaginating
Four very different designs. My favorite is Liberty Angel.

Let's Get Styled                                                Let's RV                    

                      Play Pals                                             Liberty Angel

From Tree of Life Samplings
I like all the interesting motifs in this sampler.

True Faith

From Stoney Creek

              Nature's Beauty                        Home of the Month: June 

From Milady's Needle
What lovely samplers. My favorite is the Spring Pyn Pillow.

Mary Ann Lynn 1855

                To Friends Far Away                              Spring Pyn Pillow

From Country Cottage Needleworks
Another addition to the Gingerbread village series and a wonderful rose design even if it is really pink.

Stop and Smell the Roses                Gingerbread House #5
                                                                   (Gingerbread Village Series) 

From Little House Needleworks
Love, love, love both of these patriotic designs. A definite addition to my collection. Oh My Stars just might be my next project.

Oh My Stars

Little Lady Liberty

From Pheasant Street Samplers
A very primitive design which I like but would probably change the colors if I stitched it. 

Primitive Tulip Pyn Pillow

From Whimsical Edge Designs
Two new thread keeps... love the postcard!

French Postcard Thread Keep

Fleur Queen Thread Keep

From Kelmscott Designs
This design is the first in a new line of "mini" needle minders that are only 1" around. What great detail in the rose and what a lovely place to "park" your needle.

Tudor Rose Needle Minder

From Hands on Design
A wonderful new Block Party design and a new series of Chalkboard Ornaments. These ornaments are the first in a series of 3 chart packs (each chart pack will contain 3 different designs). 
Block Party: Vino

Chalkboard Ornaments: Christmas Collection
chart pack includes the wool felt leaves and red buttons

From Erica Michaels
A Needle's Work....what a great pincushion idea....a tribute to all things created with needle and thread. Even though all I do is stitch, this is a great design.

A Needle's Work

Nancy's Sewing Necessaries

Earth's Flowers


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Monday, May 16, 2016

Coming soon!

Guess what? Only 4 more days til Friday (but who's counting). I really want to get home and stitch. I'm almost done with my current project and I can't wait to finish it so I can start something else (not sure what).

Here are some designs that will be arriving in the shop soon. 


From Heartstring Samplery
What a wonderfully patriotic piece. I think it would even make a nice framed piece.

Grand Old Flag Pin Drum

From Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)
Two stunning new "Bewitching Pixies".  Now, I know that I look just like "Eva" when I'm riding my broom (ha ha ha).



From Frony Ritter Designs
A neat little design to help you feel cool during the hot summer months. 

Stay Cool My Friend

From Bobbie G Designs
Hey's me riding my bike.  

A Vintage Home                                          Ride Witch Ride     

From Threadwork Primitives
I love the soft colors in both of these designs.

Sunbird Candle Board

Peacock Garden Pin Box

From Stoney Creek
A new series of "Quilted" inspirations and some really "cool" snowmen.


#1 Home Sweet Home               #2 Simplify                             #3 Believe             

#4 Cherish                               #5 Hope                              #6 Renew  

More Blizzard Buddies

From Blackbird Designs
Another addition to the Garden Club.

The Rarest Flower
#8 in the Garden Club series

From Samplers Not Forgotten
Of all the patriotic designs that I have seen lately, this is my favorite. 

Fourth of July Picnic

From Little House Needleworks

COMING IN JUNE ... From Little House Needleworks, a new series of 9 little ornament sized designs! The models are stitched on 32ct Country French Cafe Mocha linen and each design has a stitch count of 63 x 63. (If you choose to stitch all nine on one piece of fabric - three across and three down leaving 3 stitches in between - the finished size will measure approximately 12-1/2" square). 



Monday, May 9, 2016

A quick post.

It's Monday.... again. I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day weekend. Mine was great. I was able to get quite a bit of stitching done yesterday. I should finish the project I'm working on sometime this week (yeah!!!). 

I did not find much to share with you this week so this will be a short post but be sure to take a look at what is coming. Also, don't forget to check out the "what's new" section on the website. 


From Rosewood Manor
Two beautiful new samplers. I love the pink colors.

  Hearts of Kingdom                               Three Butterflies

From MarNic Designs

 Cats (like chips)            Cats (never too many)

            Fox Welcome              Death Before Decaf

From Jeannette Douglas
This is the 2nd in a set of 4 seasonal samplers.  All four designs can be stitched as a whole and will work up to just over 12 x 12. (Spring by the Sea is already available)

Summer by the Sea

From The Scarlett House
What a lovely "farm" sampler. I love the willow tree with the bench under it. 

Heartland Sampler

Button Posies

From Just Nan
Peacock Garden Scissor Roll is an elegant piece to celebrate Just Nan's 25th year. The design features peacocks and tulips and is very LIMITED in quantities. 

Peacock Garden Scissor Roll

Romeo: The Groom Mouse
Finally...a groom for Juliet!


Image result for clip art have a great week